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Gold Class Collision - A Best Deal Auto Body Shop

Autos in Phoenix Metro Area,AZ


5511 N 51st Ave, #109-Auto Body Shops Nearby
Phoenix Metro Area, AZ, 85301
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About This Business

BEST+ BODY SHOPS NEAR ME = Gold Class Collision- A *Best Deal* Auto Body Shop..The Top search "Auto Body Shop Near Me" leads to Best Rated Body Shops.
When you want the Best" Auto Body Shop near You, You want quality, but you must be able to afford it too. That's why You get a Bonus on top of
High Quality Auto Body Collision Repair. We Guarantee to discount, waive, pay your deductible or Save on it Guaranteed. By dealing with your deductible cost,
we eliminate the #1 reason that keeps You from choosing a Good Body Shop or the highest rated "body shop nearby". Call Us today-
_ _
FACT!: The BETTER WE REPAIR Your Vehicle, The MORE YOU SAVE... Because Your Savings are DEDUCTIBLE Discounts...NOT Compromises in Quality...Period!.
A Win/Win. The Best Auto Body Repair = Happy Customer + Deductible Savings = Happiest Customer & The Body Shop Earns Good Reviews, Referrals. & Friends
GREAT NEWS!. 2018- We're Now Using Our Name Gold Class Collision. "BestDealAutoBody.Net is a Network that people take to and Realize that the "Best Deal in Auto Body Shops is High Quality Auto Body Repair made Affordable By Discounting,Waiving,Saving On or Paying Your Deductible! Call Gold Class Collision 602-497-3006,
Gold Class Collision = Your Best Deal For High Quality COLLISION REPAIR -WE PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE-Makes Us Your Low Price Auto Body Repair Best Deal.
Who Else Wants The Best High Quality Body Shops Repair+DEAL In Phoenix/Glendale & Valleywide-Your Deductible Waived-Paid or Saved On Up To 100% Guaranteed!. You'll Enjoy The Best Auto Body Repair In Phoenix/Glendale Auto Body Glendale Az Customized To Be A Good Fit For Your Needs or Requests Call Now!
"High Quality Collision Repair Near-by" is Affordable when Your Deductible is Paid,Waived or Saved On as a BONUS At Top Rated Auto Body Repair Shops Nearby
.Call Us And You Get A Good Body Shop Near Your Home to Waive, Pay or Save On Your Deducible Near You Valley-Wide Phoenix/Glendale, Mesa Tempe
Scottsdale, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Santan Valley Any Body Shop Of Your Choice Near You Call Now

FACT!: The BETTER WE REPAIR Your Vehicle, The More You Save... Because Your Savings are DEDUCTIBLE Discounts...NOT Compromises in Quality...Period!.
Waiving Your Deductible Is 100% Legal. We Use The Exact Model Created And Approved By Insurance Companies. EXCEPT... You Get The Discounts, Not Them.
NO "SECRETS"! We Work Directly WITH Your Insurance Company 100% Using THEIR Estimate & Approved DRP Discounts, BUT You Get The Savings.
Call Us At Gold Class Collision and We'll Tell You How To Get The Best Body Shop Estimate And Free Yourself From The Insurance Company Hassles
FACT!: If You Contact Us First, We Can Tell You How To Get Your Full Deductible Waived & When Your Insurance Company Will Waive Your Deductible.
YOU DO NOT Have To Find "3 Good Body Shops Near Me", Only A High Rated Body Shop Where You Get High Quality & Your Deductible Paid With A+ Service.
..GOOD NEWS!..When it Comes to:"Collision Repair, We Pay Your Deductible",.Gold Class Collision (A Best Deal Auto Body Shop) / Progressive Auto Collision and DM Auto Works + PHX Body Shop & Glendale Collision Center Are Local Collision Shops That Pay Your Deductible in Phoenix ,Waive Your Deductible or Save on Your Deductible. Guaranteed! - Quality Collision Repairs From The Best of Top 3 Auto Body Shops in Glendale,You Just Won't go Wrong With Good Body Shops in,Phoenix Az & Glendale .
REVIEWS!? Go Here For REAL Reviews - Copy & Paste- -OR GO OVER or Down TO FACEBook/GOOGle Links.
Check Our 5 Star (5.0) High Auto Body Shop REVIEWS to See You Can Trust Us to Take Good Care Of You -
We PROMISE! -No FAKE Body Shop Reviews Or Bait And Switch Ads (Our Industry Needs A Better Reputation. Let's Be Honest, Ethical and EARN Good Reviews).
Our Real Secret Is That "No Out Of Pocket Cost"(Deductible) ,Makes it Easy To Choose an Affordable High Quality Body Shop In Phoenix-Glendale Az or Near You.
Don't Let an Address Lose You Money or Time?. FREE MOBILE ESTIMATES Make Us As Close As Your Address At Home/Work. We Make It Easy And Right With...
FREE VEHICLE PICK-UP or Delivery! You Get PROFESSIONAL Tow Truck Driver & Flat Bed Towing. CALL For Details or Scheduling 602-497-3006.
We're A Phoenix Body Shop That Chose A Glendale/Phoenix Border Address + A Great Building With Lower Overhead Costs That Saves You Even More Money
We Serve All Of Phoenix Metro At 5511 N 51st Ave (Phoenix/Glendale,Border) #107 -108-109-Free Mobile Estimate -Pick-up & Delivery Valley Wide. Call 4 Details
F.Y.I: As A Women/Female Friendly Auto Body Shop,We'll Respect And Treat You Like Our Moms,Wives & Sisters That Trust Us To Do Our Best For Them & You :)
Of THE Top Rated Low Priced Body Shops Phoenix (North)/Glendale/Peoria/Avondale/Surprise &Scottsdale,We Really Want To Show You Our Appreciation. Call
High Quality AUTO BODY SHOPS THAT PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE Must Have Great Track Records & Experience Paying Your Deductible With Quality As #1.
If You Didn't See Them Mentioned Above,Find Out Why. Before You Settle For Less, Call Us For Some Questions To Ask, & Qualify Them To Fix Your Vehicle.
WHY CHOOSE US... We 100% Guarantee Better Auto Body Collision Repair Results Than Going With Insurance "Controlled" Body Shops... See Why!
Rated in The 3-5-10 Best/Most Recommended Body Shops Phoenix Az & The Top 3-5-10 Best Body Shops in Glendale Az ,Gives You Confidence In All We Claim..
WE PAY YOUR DEDUCTIBLE IN PHOENIX: Not Only Do We Waive Your Deductible in Phoenix, We Pay Your Deductible In Glendale, Peoria, Avondale & Surprise. Having Your Deductible Paid By A High Quality Body Shops in Glendale/Phoenix Allows You To take Care Of That Ugly Damage Immediately And Save $$.
Not A Gimmick! We're the Real Deal Original! PLease Choose Us For High QUALITY and You'll Get The Bonus Too! . IF You Want Less :( There Are Others Nearby.
All We Need Is Enough To Do The Repair RIGHT.(For Good Reviews ). The Rest, You're Free To Keep or Use As You Please.- Why Settle For Less?? Get The Best!... Call Now 602-497-3006.
FACT!: The BETTER WE RESTORE Your Vehicle,The More You Save... Because Your Savings are DEDUCTIBLE Discounts...NOT Compromises in Quality...Period!. YOU DO NOT Have To Find "3 Good Body Shops Near Me",Only A High Rated Body Shop Where You Get High Quality Repair,Your Deductible Paid And A+ Service.
Can You See Why we're in High Demand as one of the Most Popular & Favorite (Good) Body Shops in Phoenix or THE Auto Body Shop that Pays Your Deductible.
There May Be Other Auto Body Repair Shops Nearby That Pay Your Deductible ,BUT No Matter if They Discount Your Deductible, Are They A GOOD Body Shop? Our Identity Is: Good High Quality,Fair Price Body Shops Phoenix/Glendale, Az.,(Voted As Best Cheap-er Body Shops For High Quality Auto Body Repair in Az)
Your Best Deal is A Good Body Shop That Discounts Your Deductible in Glendale/Phoenix... Better Than A Good Discount Body Shop in Phoenix / Glendale Az
High Quality Auto Body Repair Guaranteed,.Waiving Your Deductible is A Bonus For Choosing Us.We Handle Your Claim & Make Sure You Get The Best Result
As The Expert German Car & Japanese Car Import Body Shop, Both Foreign Import Cars, Trucks AND Domestic/American Cars & Trucks are Our Passion!.
Our Body Shops are Also The Top Choice For Small Trucks, Full Size Pickup Trucks, Custom Lifted/Lowered Trucks & Luxury Crew Cabs. Ford Aluminum Bodies Are No Problem For Our Techs.
*We Now Manage The -- COMPLETELY NEW & Better-PHX Body Shops -- and are NO LONGER Associated with LG's For Technical Standards Reasons.

.When it comes to "No Deductible Shops in Az" By Discounting Your Deductible or Top Rated Good Discount Auto Body Shops, we Have What You Want.
In Addition to Trust, Safety and Top Quality. You "Quickly" Want Your Car to Look just like New and a 5.0 Top 10 Body Shop that Won't take advantage of You.
At Best Deal Auto Body we go Way Beyond that, We offer FREE VIP, MOBILE ESTIMATES, and Free Vehicle Pick-up and Delivery service. (Call For Details).
Another FACT!...About Collision Shops That Pay Your Deductible in Phoenix /Glendale/Peoria/Avondale & Surprise
No other Body Shop in the Valley Will Do ALL we Do! On Top of Quality,if You have a Deductible Problem,we WILL Save on that through Insurance Approved Discounts.
Our Perfected Formula of "Discounting Deductibles"-Not Quality, makes Finding "Top Discount Auto Body Shops near me" A Better Choice Than The "Cheapest Body Shop Near Me" at Full Price. It's Your "Out of Pocket" (Deductible) Cost that Your Discounts Help You with Most, No Matter How Much The Total Repair Cost.
Best Deal Auto Body makes High QUALITY Collision Repair ,Inexpensive,Affordable and Convenient! Not Only Do we Help Pay Your Deductible,
Giving You The Best Low Price Auto Body Repair, we offer a Car Fax Killer- Warranty to Protect Your Resell/Trade-in Value.
Our Goal?, to Make Your Choice & Life Easier With Low Priced (No Deductible) Cost,High End Repair+ VIP Service From A High Quality Body Shop Glendale Az/Ph
Phoenix. If You Have a Lexus, Acura,Infiniti, VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Genesis, Inexpensive/Affordable Prices Make Auto Body Repair a Best Option for Keeping.

By Using Insurance Approved Auto Body Discounts, we Can Discount Your Deductible to Zero-0-Meaning LOW/NO DEDUCTIBLE AUTO BODY REPAIR.
You may Also Use Your Discounts to Upgrade Cheap Insurance Quality Auto Body Parts To New OEM Factory Parts If You Feel It's a Better repair. .
It's Your Vehicle (Your Second Biggest Investment?) and By Choosing Us You Get... Just What You Want ...More Than You Pay For and Guaranteed Better Results.
Of Course You Can Pay Your Deductible & Get A Free Repair On Old Annoying or Unsightly Damage While it's Already in Our Body Shop... Just Sayin :-)

** EXACTLY HOW & WHERE YOU GET YOUR DISCOUNTS. From collision shops that pay your deductible in phoenix
(If You "Like" What We Do For People, Please Save This Page, Like or Google+ With People You Like.. Thanks!)
FACT: Paying 100% of Your Deductible To Insurance "Preferred Shops" Won't Stop Your Rate Increase or Protect Your Vehicles Value From Disappearing...
Want A Better Deal? Choose the Top Rated Most Recommended of Discount Body Shops Near You / Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Scottsdale.Surprise.
FACT:No Matter If The Damage / Repair is $1000 or $29000 In Insurance "Preferred" Body Shops, Your Deductible Doesn't Change. That Is NOT The Case With Us.
Because we Always Apply All Relevant Insurance/Manufacturer. Approved I-CAR Procedures to Your Repair, the More Your Discounts Add Up.
FACT!: The BETTER WE RESTORE Your Vehicle, The More You Save .Because Your Savings are Based on DEDUCTIBLE Discounts...NOT Compromises in Quality... Period!.

The Insurance / I-CAR/Auto Body Repair Industry have come to an Agreement on the Technical & Safe way to Repair Vehicles.
In addition, there are Collision Estimating & Manufacturer Recommended *Procedures found in (Procedure) "P" pages.
The "P" pages explain what's included in the Repair Procedures Agreed upon in I-CAR Training & The Factory Approved Repair Process.
By Properly Repairing Your Vehicle based on I-CAR training and "P" page Recommended repair procedures we Will address All related Damages found.
Since we follow the Agreed upon Repair Guidelines, You can be Assured Your vehicle was Repaired Correctly BEFORE any Discounts are applied!
By doing it this way there is No Compromise in the repair ,Only Applied Discounts to the Very Best Low Priced Auto Body Repair Backed By Our Carfax Warranty .
CONTACT US TODAY and get a Free Auto Body/ Collision Estimate /Quote on Your Collision /Auto Body Repair! 602-497-3006
P.S. - CHECK OUT THE - "AWARDS & RECOGNITION" Section Below. - You Get Professional Claims Support and Defense When Necessary.
P.S.S - While There...Please Read OUR TRUE STORY About How "Waive Deductible Auto Body Az Shops" or "No Deductible Collision Repair" Began:
It's Not What You Think!

Good auto body shops near me in Phoenix /Glendale is What You Deserve, BUT at an Affordable,Inexpensive,Low Cost or Discount Price Without Sacrifice of Quality.High Quality Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az Have an Edge In Lower Pricing For The Same High End Auto Body Repair You'd Get In Phoenix Scottsdale.
Being the Best And Cheap-er Body Shop (Of Top Quality Body Shops) near You Phoenix,Glendale,Scottsdale,Avondale,Peoria or Surprise is Important Only if it Includes High Quality Body Shops Top Discounts Too!. When Looking For Waive Deductible Auto Body Az,You Do Not Settle For Less Than A 10 Best 5.0 Rated Auto Body Shops Phoenix. We Avoid Cheap Auto Body Repair Parts Insurance companies Force their "Preferred" Collision Repair Shops use.(.local body shops called (DRP's)
Call Us for the Best Body Shop / Auto Body and Collision Repair + Services Available Near You 602-497-3006 We Make it Easy And Right!


    "Simply the best body shop in Glendale". They were much more than just a good body shop, I wanted the highest rated body shop in Glendale so I could be
    sure to get high quality collision repair on my new car. I got all that and the kind of service one would expect from other high end body shops, but with my deducible waived.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Thursday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Friday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm





Payment Types

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  • Cash
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
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  • (BLOG ENTRY) BEST BODY SHOPS IN GLENDALE AZ: The Leading Auto Body Shops In Glendale Are Always Trying To Better Themselves And Best The Other Outstanding Body Shops Near Them.
    The Ultimate Goal Is To Earn The Title Of "Top Rated Body Shops in Glendale Az". Collision Shops That Want That Title Must Be In The Top 3-5-10 of The
    Highly Quality Auto Body Shops In Glendale Az. From There, Shops Must Earn The Best Body Shop Reviews To Attract More Customers.
    Once The Body Shop Has Established That Trust and Reputation Of The "Highest Quality Body Shops In Glendale",It's Not Long To Becoming The "Most Recommended Auto Body Shop In Glendale Az,Phoenix,Peoria, Avondale or Nearby These Areas, Solely Based On The Reputation Of Being A "Highly Rated Auto Body Shop (s) In Glendale Az or Nearby You (WITH Great Reviews). As Best Japanese Body Shop in Phoenix (Metro), Best Deal Auto Body Shares That With You As One Of The Top Rated Body Shops In Glendale Az Becuase You Deserve It.
    No Glendale Body Shop Can Claim To Be "Perfect", But They Certainly Produce First Rate Auto Body Work & Collision Repair With Terrific First Class Customer Service. Sooo,Which is Better, Top Glendale Body Shops Glendale Az or Best Glendale Body Shops Glendale Az. When You are Choosing Between The Two, You Should Know That The "Top" Glendale Body Shops in Glendale Az Tend To Be The Older Established Body Shops That Have Over Time Been Searched And Reviewed For Many Years.
    The "Best" Glendale Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az Are More Known For Consistent Top/High Quality Auto Body Work And Collision Repair. Best Deal Auto Body Body Falls In The "Best Body Shops in Glendale-Glendale Az" Category.. Being Amongst The Top Auto Body Shops Glendale Az is Important When Your Choosing The Best Auto Body Shops in Glendale-Glendale Az That Is Also Recommended as One Of The Top-3-5-10 Of The Best Auto Body Shops In Glendale Az Near You. Either way, If You Pre Qualify Your Search For Body Shops In Glendale With A Search Beginning With:
    Best Glendale Auto Body Shops Or Top Glendale Body Shops, You'll Find Yourself In A Good Auto Body Shop in Glendale -Glendale Az Call Now 602-497-3006,For The Best Of Class Auto Body Shops In Glendale Az.

  • (BLOG) "HOME OF THE WAIVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE IN PHOENIX" The Auto Body Shop Who's slogan is "Home of The Waive Your Deductible" is in SoUth Tempe, Not Phoenix.
    The Auto Body Shop That Waives Your Deductible in Phoenix is On The Phoenix/ Glendale Az Border. Best Deal Auto Body is The Original Phoenix Auto Body Shop That Began Waiving, Paying or Saving On Your Deductible in 2008 For Glendale and Phoenix.
    Best Deal Auto Body Doesn't Use "Home Of The Waive Your Deductible" or Home of The Waive/Pay Your Deductible In Phoenix, But Our Phoenix/Glendale Az Location Pays Your Deductible in Phoenix, Glendale Az Peoria, Avondale and Surprise.
    When You Need A High Quality Auto Body Shop To Waive Your Deductible in Phoenix/Glendale Near Your Home , Call Best Deal Auto Body For The Best.

  • (BLOG) Are You Searching AUTO BODY SHOPS IN GLENDALE or AUTO BODY SHOPS IN GLENDALE AZ: The Debate Over Which Search Returns the Best Results.
    Because There are Essentialy Two Glendales When you Live In Glendale Az or Search for Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az ,But Only One Set Of Search
    Results if You Live In Glendale Ca. Unless You are Using A Cell Phone's GPS Features in Glendale Az, Your Not Going To Find The Best Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az
    when You're Using A Laptop or Desktop Computer. As An Example, If One isn't Specific About The Quality Of The Body Shops in Glendale, You'll get
    an Overall Return of Mostly The Dominant Body Shops in Glendale Ca With A Mixture of The Top Auto Body Shops In Glendale Az or Best Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az
    That Have Been Searched For The Most or Longest. One Would Think The Best Way Of Finding Auto Body Collision Repair Shops Actually IN Glendale Would Be
    To Type in Glendale Auto Body Shops Glendale Az. The Only Problem With That is, You'll Find That There Is A Glendale Auto Body Repair (Body Shop) In Glenale Az.
    You May Miss The Best Auto Body Shops In Glendale Az That Better Fit Your Specific Needs Like Having Your Deductible Waived,Paid or Saved On.
    When Shopping For Any Type of Service Most People Start With A Generic Search Which in The Case of "Auto Body Shops in Glendale Woud
    Get You Better Results And Better Choices of Auto Body Shops Near You in Glendale if You Ask For "Auto Body Shops "IN" Glendale AZ.

  • (BLOG) COLLISION REPAIR PHOENIX AZ: Auto body shops Phoenix run from Highly Recommended High Quality Auto Body Shops In Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria to
    Lowest Price Auto Body Repair Shops in Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria. The main Difference Between them is If They Are independent of Insurance Control Through
    A DRP Program. The Best Collision Repair in Phoenix Will Come From The Best Auto Body Shops in Glendale/Phoenix/Peoria that hire the Best Techs and Use
    The Best Materials..That is Important to You because,If You are Sent to An Insurance "Preferred" Body Shop, You'll be settling for the Insurance's Cheapest Auto Body Repair.
    Insurance Companies don't "tell" them to use the Cheapest materials, but they do require Insurance discounts and concessions in the repair process that will affect how the
    ultimate Collision repair will turn out. There is a Difference between Collision Repair Phoenix Az Body Shops, Auto Body Shops Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria and Paint and Body Shops Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria.
    Let's start with "Collision Repair Shops near you. Usually Collision Repair Shops Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria or Collision Repair Centers Phoenix /Glendale/Peoria Work primarily Through Insurance referred
    Claims. Auto Body Shops also do Collision repair / body work, but are mostly Independent and are available to the Average Customers That want to pay
    Cash or Avoid Making A Claim. Auto Body Shops in Glendale/Phoenix/Peoria are more Akin to the Old fashioned Doctors (General Practitioners) That handled
    everything from a stubbed toe to broken bones. The Best Body Shops in Phoenix/Glendale Az/Peoria Az, are set up to handle both Collision repair and General Auto Body
    repair. The Highly Rated Top Body Shops Best Deal Includes Waiving Your Deductible Through Insurance Approved Discounts or Paying Your Deductible With
    The Discounts They Get Through The Discounts They Get From Their Vendors And Suppliers.
    Collision Repair Shops Phoenix Az/Glendale Az or Near You That Discount Your Deductible AND Guarantee Good High Quality Low Price Auto Body Repair Are
    The Best Discount Auto Body Shops Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria Az For You.

    The rating system used to determine "the Top rated Body Shops in Glendale Az" sometimes doesn't make sense. Google and Yelp use ratings on a scale
    from one star being the lowest rating and 5/ five stars as the best or highest rating you can give a body shop. There are scores in between that usually
    go from percentage points .1 through .9. Google normaly uses a base point of 5 stars IF the very first rating is a 5, but this can be misleading.
    if there is only one rating attributed to that body shop and it's a 5, you can't really get a sense of sustained quality over time. It's better to compare the
    rating scores of at least every 10 stars. Once you've got at least what you can determine to be the best auto body shops in Glendale or near by, start looking
    for the best reviews of body shops in Glendale. What you're trying to find in their best reviews is their consistent strengths like Quality, timeliness, professionalism,
    or even attitude. Why attitude?, because people like to pay or reward people they like. Even if you got the best quality auto repair in Glendale, it needs to include
    that "warm fuzzy feeling" that hangs on long after your experience. Customers "feelings" are what lead to the best / highest reviews and eventually lead to
    the highest /Top rated auto body shops in Glendale reputation and recommendations.

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    OUR STORY***************

    We're just like You when it comes to having to carry Insurance and the high deductibles ($500-$1000 &Up) that can make it more affordable.
    But the system is "Rigged" against You when it comes to getting your Vehicle repaired. They steal your Discounts by "Referring" ( Steering) You to
    A Local Auto Body Shop they control and forbid them to give You Any Discounts that could help You Right When You need help the Most!
    The Year Was 2008, The Worst Housing Crisis Since The Depression, Gas At $4.00+ A Gal And 700,000 People A MONTH Losing Their Jobs.
    Imagine having an Accident, Getting A $10,000 Check, but No way to pay the Deductible, A Wrecked Vehicle You couldn't Drive & Begging for Rides to Keep Your Job. WHILE Losing Your Home.
    That's EXACTLY Why/When Best Deal Auto Body Saw A Need And Way To Help..

    WAIVE DEDUCTIBLE AUTO BODY AZ / NO DEDUCTIBLE AUTO BODY Began Helping People Since 2008 During the Housing Crisis.
    As Best Deal Auto Body, We Partnered With A Local Collision Repair Shop that Understood That Collision Shops that pay Your Deductible Was What People Needed.
    They had $1000 Deductibles But No Way to Pay it Since They were "Underwater", Losing Their homes and or Job.
    Even If they Got A Huge Claims Check To repair their Vehicle, Customers Just Didn't Have The Deductible Money.
    They Quickly figured out that the Check Was Useless When The Insurance Auto Body Shop Refused To Help them.
    Insurance Controlled Body Shops Called "Preferred" Shops or Direct Repair Shops Are actually FORBIDDEN BY CONTRACT to help the You in ANY way ,
    Especially if it involves some type of Discount or Concession they Believe Only they should get.


    WIN #1: You the Customers Could get Your Vehicle Repaired, Keep Your Job, Vehicle, Home and Family.
    WIN # 2: Best Deal Auto Body Could Keep it's Techs and doors open so They to Could keep their Jobs, Vehicles Homes and Family.
    WIN #3: The Insurance Company Was Now Actually Insuring A Correctly Repaired Vehicle instead of a Just made "Driveable" vehicle, that if in another wreck,
    Coverage Could And Probably Would be denied. .... I Know... I Spent 23 years in Insurance claims!
    That's the Facts ,Solution and True story and about Why we/ Auto Body Shops in Az Began Waiving, Saving or Paying Deductibles.
    FYI: It has NEVER Been Illegal to Waive-Save or Pay Deductibles.. What A Body Shop Can't do is...
    You Can't Cheat the Insurance Company, Create Extra Damages or Commit Fraud!.
    Now That You're The Smartest One in The Room About Deductibles, Share this with someone You want to help; Please "Like" or G+ Our Page because...
    Good Friends Don't Let Real Friends Stay Ignorant. :0 - (Or Needlessly Waste Money)

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    Discount Auto Body Shops Near You typically Start with Discount materials and "Then" repair Your vehicle the Cheap Insurance "DRP" Way...(That's Not Good)
    It doesn't matter if it's the Top Discount Body Shops- Auto Body Shops or Local Collision Repair Shops in Phoenix,Glendale,Peoria,Scottsdale,Avondale or Surprise,"that way" doesn't Include the Quality You are looking for, only the price.
    Our Perfected Repair Technique is to Start with High Quality Materials and the Mindset that we Discount Deductibles, Not Quality. This way, we Can & Do give You the Best Discount Auto Body / Collision Repair possible in Phoenix,(North) Glendale or Near You,"After" the repair is done Correctly.
    Our Exclusive CarFax Warranty Protects High Priced Expensive Luxury/ Import Vehicles Like Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz Infiniti, Acura, Vw, Nissan,Toyota, Honda,Cadillac or Lincoln.
    HIGH QUALITY GERMAN CAR BODY SHOPS AZ Can Over Charge to Satisfy The Owners Ego ,But for Older Mercedes, BMW, Mini, & Audi, We're The Practical & Reasonable Solution.
    We Buy The Exact Same Top Quality Auto Body Products From The Same Suppliers And Vendors As The Other Top Quality German Car Import Auto Body Shops.We Get Their Discounts And So Will You...Period,We Don't Discount Quality, We Discount Your Deductible!... Not Quality
    By the end of the year you can get that EXACT same vehicle for 30% less or more without One Single thing taken Off, Out or Changed in Any Way.
    Now lets take that same vehicle needing Auto Body Collision Repair.
    It Still needs to be repaired with High Quality Materials and High End Techs to apply them. The difference is,You and we don't wait until the end of the year for the Discount to kick in. When YOU decide to Choose & Allow us to repair Your vehicle, You have chosen to put Your Discount in play with Everything Included and No compromise in Quality.

  • @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    35+ Years of Insurance "Insider" Experience
    A: Insurance Claims Adjusters (Including Bodily Injury & Med Pay)
    B: Independent & Insurance Auto Damage Appraisers, Claims Supervisors & Trainers
    C: Auto Body Shops Owners, Dealership Managers & High End Collision Consultants (Imports & Domestic)
    D: Trained Experts in Negotiations, Customer Service and Claims Settlements.
    E: If You Were Hit and Must use Your Insurance First, There is A Secret Advantage! (It's Only For Our Clients).

    All Of This is Your Advantage.  WE Deal with the Insurance company for You and Protect
    Your Policy Rights and Vehicles Resell Value. All You have to do is Call Us... We're Trained  & Ready!
    *NOTE. Utilizes several Different Domain Names to Market Body Shops in Phoenix, Body Shops in Scottsdale and Body Shops in Glendale. You have arrived here because you were searching for High Quality, High End Auto Body Collision repair (Import or Domestic) at an Inexpensive, Affordable Price. Progressive Auto Holds THE Highest Google 5.0 "Body Shop in Phoenix Reviews Score for Top Import Body Shops Near You Phoenix.(Lexus-Genesis-Acura-Infinti + All major Imports & Domestics) and With Best Deal Auto Body For "No Deductible body Shops in Phoenix and is the only Highly Qualified Body Shop Located "IN Phoenix" that Discounts Deductibles to 0 as a Bonus.        Don't Waste and Dont Wait, Call Now!

  • GOOD CHEAP BODY SHOPS PHOENIX/GELNDALE,AZ, Which One Is Right For You. A Lot Of People Begin Searching For "Good Cheap Body Shops Near Me" For Two Reasons.
    The #1 Reason is To Avoid Paying The Deductible , Insurance Company Hassle And The Rate Increase. The #2 Reason Is They Are About To Sell The Vehicle and Know
    The Honest Truth Is,You Really Should Be Choosing From Best BODY SHOPS IN GLENDALE AZ List or Top Body Shops in Phoenix or (Near By). The Only Reason Most Peopl Aren't Seaching For The Top Body Shops Near Them In Their City Or Town is
    The 3-10 Top Body Shops in Glendale/Phoenix (Other Than Best Deal Auto Body) Only Offer Limited Services and Discounts. Our Flexibility Allows Us To Customize An Auto Body Collision Repair Solution Designed Just For You. All The Discounts You'll Receive Can Be ut Toward Any Costs Having An Accident
    Would Come Out Of Your Budget. High End Quality Auto Body Work Can Be Had At A Low Priced Inexpensive Body Shop When Compared To The Other High Quality/High End Body Shops Nearby.
    They Will Take A Huge Loss or Not Sell it At All In It's Current Wrecked Condition.
    Either Way, The Best Cheap Local Body Shop in Your Area or Zip Code Probably Be The Cheapest Auto Body Repair Solution, But Only If Your Out Of Pocket Price Near $0.
    The Absolute Least Expensive Auto Body Collision Repair is By Choosing A Collision Repair Shop That Waives Your Deductible Up To 100%. If They Offer
    That Solution ,Then You Have The Best Inexpensive / Affordable Way To Fix Your Auto Body Collision Damages.
    Fair Warning Though, Body Shops That Are "Cheap" Need To Still Be The Best Cheap Body Shop Near You In Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria,az, Surprise or
    Wherever You Are In Az. The Lowest Priced Auto Body Shops Repair Your Vehicle Exactly The Same As Others ,But Focus On Your Deductible To Make That Happen.
    You Can And Should Find A Good Cheap Auto Body Shop In Phoenix, Glendale,Az or Near You, But Demand That They Be The "Best" Cheap Body Shops in Phoenix / Glendale,Az, With Quality Repairs .Included!
    Call This Phone # IF You Want Good High Quality Body Work AND The Lowest Price Auto Body Repair. You'll Appreciate The Best Cheap-er Body Shops In Glendale, Phoenix, Peoria,Az, Surprise,Az, Avondale, Buckeye

  • Top Quality Auto Body Collision Repair Can Only Come From A Top Quality Body Shop In Glendale Az.You Want The Best Auto Body Shop in Glendale Az or Near You to Also Be Affordable,Inexpensive or Low Priced. We Do This By Discounting Your Deductible. Only The Best High Quality Body Shops Make Sure You Receive Services That Match Your High Quality Experience. Free Mobile Estimates Can Be Arranged or Free Vehicle Pick-up Call For Details.
    WHy Settle For Good Body Shops in Glendale When You Can Have The Best Auto Body Repair in Glendale Az For The Same or Lower Price Than Good Auto Body Shops in Glendale Az. Call Us To Get The Quality And Lowest Out Of Pocket Auto Body Repair Price/Cost Near You: Glendale,Az. Peoria,Az,Avondale,Surprise,Buckeye, EL Mirage,Tolleson

  • WAIVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE IN PHOENIX (BLOG) For about the last 10 years, the question 'how do I get my deductible waived in Phoenix has been answered Thousands of times.
    Since 2008 Best Deal Auto Body started an online campaign to let people know that there was a collision shop in phoenix that waive your deductible. We began our blog WAIVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE PHOEIX.
    It was actually a website called, however, valley residents were still brainwashed by Big insurance companies that there was something "not allowed". The reason they floated this notion
    is that they knew there was some serious savings on deductibles, but they had arranged secret deals with "Preferred" body shops that would only give the Insurance company discounts and concessions in exchange
    for steering collision repairs/ body work to them. Waive your deductible Phoenix set out to educate the general public that it's Not Illegal Not Illegal to get your deductible paid by the body shop, waived by the body shops
    or discounted. When you signed your insurance contract, you agreed to be "responsible" for your deductible and they would pay the balance.
    How you take care of your responsibility is none of their business. Imagine if they told you you exactly how to pay your deductible or some other ridiculous thing!
    WAIVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE PHOENIX/GLENDALE AZ BLOG: Lets you know,There are no rules about how to pay your deductible or have the Auto body shop of your choice waive your deductible,pay your deductible or save on it through Insurance approved discounts.

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